Holidays and Celebrations for African-Americans


Are you tired of celebrating Christian holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Saint Valentine’s Day? Are you looking to commemorate your African American culture? Well, your look is over. Below is a list of twelve holidays and celebrations for African American to observe during the calendar year. Do you know what day Black Love is? What day do we honor our ancestor Marcus Garvey? This is a short list of holidays and celebrations; there are many more. Therefore, please feel free to add.

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 1. African Countries Independence Day-Various

African Countries Independence

2. Black History Month-Celebrate February 1-February 28

Black History Month

3. Black Love Day-Celebrate February 13

Black Love Day

4. Indigenous Peoples Day-Celebrate 2nd Monday of October

Indigenous Peoples Day

5. Juneteenth -Celebrate June 19


6. Kwanzaa-Celebrate  December 26-January 1


7. Malcolm X Day

8. Marcus Garvey Day-Celebrate August 17

Marcus Garvey Day

9. Martin Luther King Jr. Day-Celebrate 3rd Monday in January.

Martin Luther King Day

10. National Dashiki Day-Celebrate in October

National Dashiki Day

11. National Head Wrap Day-Celebrated in November

National Head Wrap Day

12. Nelson Mandela International Day- Celebrate on July 18, the earth date of Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela International Day



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