Principle #1 Umoja-Unity


Today is the first day of Kwanzaa. We will celebrate the 7 principles until January 1.

We should not stop the celebration of our family, community, and culture on the 1st. We should continue,because we have so much we can and should offer each other.

Family lighting candles celebrating Kwanzaa --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Family lighting candles celebrating Kwanzaa — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

We should be loving, caring,encouraging and protecting each other 365 days a year, every day, every minute,and every second.
As Maze and Frankie Beverly sing “We Are One”

“We’ve got our love
And no matter how it’s said or done
We are one no matter what we do
We are one love will see us through
We are one and that’s the way it is”

Remember We Are One No Matter How It’s Said or Done and that’s how it should be.

Let’s stop hating and downing each other.

We are humans, each one of us are the same but different. We must learn how to bond together with our differences. Being different is what generates thoughts and ideas. If we all thought alike it would be boring.How are we going to grow and learn?

Doesn’t it really feel good when you know that someone has your back? This is how we should be with each other.

Let’s Unite With Each Other. Start today and unite with others so we can build our families, communities, and culture.

“Unity is strength, division is weakness”. ~ Swahili proverb

“A united family eats from the same plate.” ~ Baganda proverb


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