Principle # 2 Kujichagulia-Self-Determination

Today is the second day of Kwanzaa.
 Black people do we know where we’re going?
What is our agenda for getting there?
In other words, what is our destiny and how can we get there?
Yesterday, Unity was our first principle of Kwanzaa.Why? Because unity is the foundation we must build on it. Once we are unite, we create our destiny(mission) statement. We must answer questions about what we want to accomplish as a GROUP of people.Once we decide on what we want to accomplish, we lay out a platform so we can achieve what we want. We must CREATE and PLAN our destiny. Let’s not allow others to create and plan our destiny. We have the strength,numbers and power we need to create and make our destiny happen. All we have to do is want it to happen. You do realize when we really want something, we do whatever to make it happen.If we want to unite as a group, then it happen if we want to. We got to want it bad enough.
Let’s stop saying the words, ” We’re the only race of people that do not stick together.” Change that statement to. “One thing I admire about our race is we stick together.”
We must know where we’re going as a group of people, not as an individual. Remember we are UNITE, we must change our thinking and think this way–“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”-African proverb We go farther as a group. Believe me, we need each other to reach your destiny in this country.
We must be flexible and determine when we CREATE and PLAN our destiny. We all know there are challenges and setbacks in life. Therefore, when we are CREATING and PLANNING we need to have plans B and C, because one thing we can count on is change to happen. Change is fine, just as long as we stay DETERMINED to REACH your DESTINY to TOGETHER.
Today take a stand and start creating destiny in your home and communities.

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