Principle # 3- Ujima -Collective Work and Responsibility


Today is the third day of  Kwanzaa.

What do you see when you step out the door and look at your neighborhood, your community?


Are you pleased with what you see or is  there a need for improvement? Regardless if there is a need for improvement or not, we still need to be accountable for your neighborhood.

Do you know your neighbors?
Do you speak to your neighbors?
Do you watch out for your neighbors?
Do you sweep your neighbors’ front when you sweep yours?
Do you pick up the trash lying on the sidewalk or street?

There  should be a collective effort on all the neighbors residing on the block. It’s our responsibility to take care of our neighborhood. Do you realize just picking up trash on the sidewalk can make a difference? I grew up in a time and was  taught not to litter period. To this day I don’t throw trash in the street. If I eat something in my car, I don’t  throw it out the window. I wait until I park and throw it in a trash container. And, I would not throw trash on the block I live on.


There are some old school morals and principles I believe we need to bring back. Remember if we are unite and self- determined,then we  should be doing things in a collective and responsible manner. We need to watch out for each other, it is the only way we will succeed as a race. We must support each other in every way possible.

Do you remember when blocks had block committees?. These block committees were not just to host block parties. They were organized by the people residing on the block ( collective) for: (1) block cleaning, (2) beautification the block with flowers,lights, lamp poles, trees, gardening,etc (3) activities for children on the block, (40 town watch, and (5) socialization. (being responsible).This is what collective work and responsibility is. We solve our problems.

You know the saying “If you want something done, do it yourself.” Well, why won’t you organize a committee for your block. Of course, everyone is not going to join and—-Yes you”ll probably have individuals to talk about you, such as “Who they think they are wanting to clean up this block?” Just remember what Marcus Garvey stated; “I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there!


ujima-collective-work-and-responsibilityWe already know we will be leaving some of us behind. But, in the meantime, someone has to take the initiate, someone has to be bold, someone has to be aggressive, and someone has to be fearless. The someone can be YOU. You can the start of starting the collective work and responsibility today.

Click the links below to learn how to start a block neighborhood



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