Principle #4-Cooperative Economics


Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa.


Why don’t black people support each other?

You have other races to come to America for economic reasons so they can return back and give back support to others.

In 2011, it was projected African-Americans would have $1.1 trillion buying power by 2015. Just suppose we circulated this money in our communities. We could build our own schools, museums, businesses, create jobs, farming, etc. There would be no stopping us!!!


We can always do more to support black businesses,  we all would benefit because when one brother or sister is successful, we all are successful. We would be able to give back to our brothers and sisters. When it comes to spending our money, I believe we should first look for the individuals that look like us. It may mean driving an extra mile to a black own bookstore or produce store. Just do it!!!

Farmer's market in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NEW YORK.



African-American buying power nears $1.1 trillion





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